Thermal Dispersion technology provides liquid and gas flow detection

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Some of the best-selling products from each category

Thermal Dispersion technology provides liquid and gas flow detection

Pressure models provides excellent stability, repeatability and accuracy

Vibrating tuning forks are an ideal solution for many applications

Sitron continues to grow our line of Flow, Level, Temperature, Pressure and Vibration instrumentation.  We believe in customer satisfaction above all other criteria, constant investment in new technology, ongoing workforce training and a general commitment to manufacturing excellence.

These are the ideals that make our company and our products competitive around the world.


Solutions for a wide variety of industries

Food Industry

Sensors in compliance with the strict hygiene requirements in food production.


Level, switching and pressure instrumentation for all methods of energy production.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Sensors for measurement under strict safety, sterility and accuracy requirements.


Sensors suitable for the wide variety of media in the chemical industry.


Solutions for heat, ventilation and air conditioning equipments and solutions.

Water & Wastewater

Water/wastewater industry, for measurement of level, point level and pressure.


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