The SV42 is a compact and robust vibration sensor used to monitor and detect misalignment or imbalance in motors, fans, centrifuges, compressors, generators and other machinery. Widely used in industrial applications, the SV42 is a key part of any plants preventive maintenance plan. The sensor measures the mechanical vibration speed in a range of 10, 25 and 50 mm/s rms on non-rotating surface and converts it to signal 4…20mA (2-wire) proportional with great precision and stability even when applied to large equipment . The SV42 can be installed with a threaded fixed base or magnetic base (recommended when you need to remove or easily move the sensor).

Vibrating Sensor/Transmitter

Application: Identify Imbalance in industrial equipments
Power Supply: 12...30Vdc
Consumption: Max 22mA
Output Signal: 4...20mA (2 wires)
Isolation: 500V (RMS) Between circuit and housing
Accuracy: error 0.5%
Protection: Reverse Polarity / Eletromagnetic Interference / Surge Protection
Work Temperature: -10...70°C
Class Protection (IEC 60529): IP66
  • Aplicações Gerais
  • Desalinhamento e desbalanceamento
  • Maquinário Indústrial
  • Sistemas Hidráulicos e Pneumaticos


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