The STD-T Temperature Transmitter is ideal for temperature control and mesaurement in industrial process.

With 5-digit multifunctional LCD display, it allow the user to view the measured variable in PV (process value), percentage and current in addition to having a permanent bargraph with real-time reading.

The STD transmitter provides 4…20mA analog current signal, can be remotely reconfigured usind Hart communication protocol.

It uses technology with Pt100 platinum sensor with great precision and stability.

All STD transmitter are made with an acrylic window on the cover that make the display always visible.

With excellent precision, stability and linearity, the STD-T is a great choice for demanding application

STD-T Temperature Transmitter with LCD Display

Application: Temperature Control e Measurement in Industrial process
Operating Voltage: 12...45Vdc
Consumption: Max. 22mA
Output Signal: 4...20mA (2 wires) / HART Protocol
Protection: Polarity Inversion / Power Surges
Load: Rmax= [(Vmax -7.5)/ 0.022A]
Eletromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): Interference immunity & interference emission according to (GB/T17626.2-1998), compliance with IEC 61000-4-3:1995.
Optional EX- protection: EEx ia IIC T4-CT6
Acurracy / Stability / Linearity: 0.1%
Operating Temperature (Ambient): -10...70°C
Sensor: Pt100 RTD (Platinum)
Process Connections: BSP / NPT / Flange / Sanitary / (others)
Electrical Connections: M12 connector
Measuring Range: -100...200°C
Class Protection (IEC 60529): IP66 / IP67 upon request

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