SP900X single crystal silicon pressure transmitter is a high performance pressure transmitter with international leading technology meticulously designed by Sitron, using the world’s most advanced single crystal silicon pressure sensor technology and patent encapsulation technology.

Single crystal silicon pressure sensor locates on the top of the metal body and stay away from meidium interface to realizes mechanical isolation and thermal isolation. Glass sintering sensor wire realizes high strength electrical insulation of metal base and improves the capability of flexibility of electronic circuit and transient voltage encapsulation technologies enable SP900X to easily cope with extreme chemical resistance to EMI, sufficient to respond to the most rigorous industrial environment applications, which are the genuine invisible instruments.

SP900X is a high-performance digital pressure transmitter designed for demanding and rigorous industrial environments.

Through the display and electronic module (via 3 buttons) or via HART communication protocol, the transmitter can be configured in the field or remotely for a new measuring range, definition of a new unit of measurement, type of alarms and type of analog output .

The LCD display provides an overview of the adjustment parameters and the process variable. The display can be rotated allowing installation in any position.

The microprocessed electronics along with the silicon piezoresistive sensor element controls the measurements giving optimum accuracy, stability and temperature compensation.

The robust housing has a viewing window for the LCD display and external adjustment Push-buttons which makes it easy to set parameters safely when applied in a classified area.

Both housing and the electronic module have certifications to work in classified areas: – Flameproof (Exd IIC T6) – Intrinsically safe (Exia IIC T4)


Application: Pressure and Level measurement
Measuring Medium: Level, Gas and Pressure
Power Supply: 10.5-55Vdc (Standard) / 16.5-55Vdc (HART)
Output Signal: 4...20mA / 4...20mA + HART , others upon request
Measurement Range: 1KPa - 40MPa (10mBar - 400 Bar) , refer to the ordering information on data sheet
Accuracy: 0.075%...0.05% F.S (others upon request)
Stability: 0.2% F.S / Year
Diaphragm: 316SS / Hastelloy C
Work Temperature: -40...85°C / integrated LCD display: -20...70°C
Media Temperature: -40...120°C (silicon oil filled)
Indication: Rotatable LCD display
Process Connection: M20*1.5(M), G1/2(M), G1/4(M), 1/2-14NPT(M) others upon request
Certificate (Optional): Flame proof / Intrinsic safety
Class Protection: IP67

Documentation for download

  • Process control system
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical Industry

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