The TR202 receives a 4…20mA signal and provides (2X) programmable SPDT relay outputs, (1X) Fail Safe relay as well as a passive 4…20mA signal that can be linked in series with a PLC or can be linked with additional TR202 relays.  Each relay can work independently or together.  In addition, a 3 digit LED indicator provides visual indication between 0…100% of the input signal. The TR202 will work with any type of sensor with a 4…20mA output (i.e. pressures sensors, radar and ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, etc.).

TR 202 Relay

Application: Converter Current 4...20mA to Relay
Operating Voltage: 24Vdc or 100~270Vac
Input Signal: 4...20mA (2 wires) analog passive or Active
Accuracy: 1% / 0,16mA
Input Impedance: 250 ohms
Protection: Polarity inversion, Power surges
Output: 2x contacts SPDT (5A 250V)
Adjustment: Set-point / Output State
Visualization: 3 digits 7 segments Display
Indication (LED): Green: Output state / Red: Set-Point / Yellow: Fail Safe
Output State: Logic inversion via Software
Fail Condition: Wire break or short circuit on the input analog signal / Low Signal <2mA / High Signal> 23mA
Operating Temperature: -10...60°C
Enclosure: ABS (Resistant Thermoplastic)
Fixation: DIN rail 35mm or Screws
Class Protection: IP40 (IEC 60529)

Documentation for download

  • Any application that requires relay outputs from a 4…20mA sensor

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