Sitron’s HFS high frequency limit level sensor is designed to effortlessy detect the level of fluids or paste-like media while ignoring the influence of deposits of viscous media (ketchup, yogurt, pastes, syrups, jams and jellies, creams, soap) as well as products such as detergents, alkalis, or various chemicals. The sensor works in the high frequency band, enabling reliable detection of the level of media without interference from coating or build-up on the electrode.

Level sensor

Applications: Ideal solution for viscous or sticky media such as ketchup, yogurt, syrups, creams or pastes, tar like materials, alkalis, etc.
Power Supply: 7...34 Vdc
Power Consumption: Max. 5mA DC
Output: PNP or NPN
Max Switching Current: 300 mA
Ambient Temperature: -40...85°C
Process Temperature: -40...105°C
Máx pressure: 10 MPa (100 Bar)
Class Protection: IP67 or IP68 (see models)
Material: Sensor PEEK / Body in 316 and 304 S.S

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