The Temperature transmitters are designed for temperature measurement and control in various industrial processes, laboratories and research centers.

It uses technology known as Pt-100 or RTD, a high purity platinum wire resistance encapsulated in a ceramic bulb and mineral insulation, are based on the principle of variation of ohmic resistance as a function of temperature in a proportional and direct manner. The temperature transmitters transform the Pt-100 thermoresist value into current (mA) or voltage (V) values ​​that are directly proportional to the temperature.

The ST90A series with Nylon or Aluminum housing is available in 4 … 20mA (2 wire) or 0 … 10V (3 wire) versions (upon reqeust). Both models offer a compact form without moving parts with reliable and accurate measurement. The electronic module with microprocessed technology has Zero & Span adjustment and can be re-calibrated for a new measurement range within its working range. HART communication protocol is also available, facilitating the integration of the transmitter to industrial networks.

The ST90 series has a complete construction in 316 stainless steel, 4 … 20mA output without Zero & Span adjustment.

High Temp Applications The ST20 model works at a high temperature up to 600 ° C.

Like all Sitron products, ST models can be configured according to the unique control needs of our customers. They can be purchased with a wide range of process connections and extender to meet high temperatures.

Temperature Transmitter

Application: Temperature Measurement and Control in Industrial Process
Operating Voltage: 12...36Vdc
Consumption: Max 22mA
Output Signal: 4...20mA (2 wires) / HART Protocol (optional)
Accuracy: Max error of 0.5%
Sensor: Pt100 RTD
Range: -100°...600°C
Enclosure / Wetted Parts: Nylon / Aluminum / 316 S.S
Electrical Connection: Cable Gland 1/2" NPT / M12 Connector / DIN 43650
Processo Connection: BSP /NPT, Flange or Sanitary
Ambient Temperature: -10 to +85°C
Max Pressure: 10 Bar
Class Protection: IP65 / IP67 (IEC 60529)
  • Aplicações Gerais para Medição de Temperatura
  • Controle de Aquecimento e Resfriamento
  • Laboratórios

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