The ST20 transmitter is all made of 316 stainless steel. Robust and compact in low space environments, it is available with 4 … 20mA (2 wire) output ideal for working at high temperature up to 600 ° C with excellent accuracy and stability.

This model has no local Zero & Span adjustment and is factory calibrated for the measurement range specified in the design.

Like all Sitron products the ST20 can be configured according to the unique control needs of our customers. They can be purchased with a wide range of process connections and extended neck to meet high temperatures.

ST20 Temperature Transmitter

Application: Temperature Measurement and Control in Industrial Process
Operating Voltage: 12...36Vdc
Consumption: Max 22mA
Output Signal: 4...20mA (2 wires)
Accuracy: Max error of 0.5%
Sensor: Pt100 RTD
Range: -50...600°C
Body and Wetted Parts: Stainless Stel
Electrical Connection: DIN 43650 connector
Processo Connection: BSP /NPT, Flange or Sanitary
Ambient Temperature: -10 to +80°C
Max Pressure: 10 Bar
Protection: Polarity Inversion
Class Protection: IP65 (IEC60529)
  • Aplicações Gerais para Medição de Temperatura
  • Controle de Aquecimento e Resfriamento
  • Laboratórios

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