The CN202 Indicator Relay features a Zero & Span adjustment with an integrated (0…100%) bar graph display and provides a 4…20mA analog output signal.   This DIN rail mounted controller is to be used with any SC120 capacitive level transmitter.

CN202 Indicator Relay for Capacitive Level Probe SC120

Application: Indication and Level Monitoring
Operating Voltage: 24Vdc (10%) / 85...264 Vac (50/60Hz)
Consumption: 22mA
Adjustment: Zero & Span
Output: 4...20mA
Accuracy: Max error 0.5%
Level Indication: Bargraph
Enclosure: ABS ( Resistant Thermoplastic )
Fixation: DIN rail 35mm
Operating Temperature: 0... 60ºC
Class Protection: IP40 (IEC 60529)

Documentation for download

  • Boilers tank level monitoring
  • Oil tank level monitoring
  • Cosmetic packaging machinery
  • Sanitary Process Level Measurement
  • Food and Beverage applications
  • Pulp and Paper Industry

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