The robust and compact Pt10 Temperature Sensor  has a Pt100 RTD platinum sensor inserted into the sheath with optimum accuracy and stability. The platinum RTD has the function of converting the measured temperature in the process to resistance in a proportional way with precision.

As it does not have an electronic module, this model works by connecting the output (3 wires) to controllers responsible for converting the resistance signal to the temperature in 4 … 20mA or according to the needs.

PT10 - Temperature Sensor

Application: Measurement and temperature control in industrial process
Sensor: Pt100 RTD (Platinum)
Output Signal: Pt100 (3 or 6 Wires)
Measurement Range: -100...200°C
Enclosure: Aluminum
Conexão Elétrica: Cable Gland 1/2" BSP
Process Connection: BSP /NPT, Flange or Sanitary
Body Material: 316 S.S
Operating Temperature ( Ambient): -10...+70°C
Class Protection (IEC60529): IP65
  • Aplicações Gerais para Medição de Temperatura
  • Controle de Aquecimento e Resfriamento
  • Laboratórios

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