The LH850 is an ideal pressure or level measurement solution for water or other liquids with low amounts of sediment.  The LH840 features a 316SS piezoresistive sensor, 316SS body, a polythene vented cable.  Pressure ranges from 0…1 bar to 600bar.

Optional Accessories:

  • TR202 Relay  Digital readout + 2X active relays/ 1X F.S. Relay + passive 4…20mA out
  • CH65 Weatherproof Termination Box – Provides atmospheric venting with terminals for non-vented cable out

LH850 Hidrostatic Level Transmitter

Application: Level Measurement for Liquids
Operating Voltage: 12...30Vdc
Consumption: Max 22mA
Output Signal: 4...20mA (2 wires) + HART protocol
Accuracy: 0.25% to 0.50%
Sensor: 316S.S Piezoresistive Silicone filled
Measurement Range: 0 to 60 Bar
Electrical Connection: Armored Polyethylene cable with Polyurethane Vent Tube.
Body Material: 316 Stainless Stel
Work Temperature: -10 to+80ºC / -10 to+70ºC (Compensated) / 0 to+80ºC / 0 to+70ºC (compensated) for Olive oil sensor
Protection: Polarity inversion and Power surges
Class Protection: IP68 (IEC 60529)

Documentation for download

  • Water and Waste Water Utilities
  • Sump or River Level Monitoring
  • Sanitary Process Level Measurement
  • Food and Beverage applications
  • Pulp and Paper Industry

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