The EL series with pendular electrodes (housed in a polyurethane probe) offer up to six points of level control (active cables + one reference) for all types of conductive mediums.   Pendular electrodes offer a great deal of installation flexibility, especially when a change is required to the insertion length of one of the rods or very long insertion lengths make the transportation of long rods impractical. All EL units require separate panel mounted relays to control the process.  Depending on the requirement, the customer can choose from either the BS/16, BS40, CN/16, CN73R or CN2R relays. Like all of Sitron’s products, the series are configurable to accommodate unique application requirements.  Offered in either glass-filled nylon, aluminum or 316SS housings, all models can be ordered with a great variety of threaded, flange, or sanitary process connections as well as either PVC or silicone cable options.

EL - Condutive Level Probe

Application: Level Detection to Liquids
Enclosure: Nylon or Aluminum
Electrical Connection: Cable Gland ½” BSP or NPT
Wetted Parts: Polyurethane Enclosure
Process Connection: 1/2” to 2" BSP or NPT, flange or sanitary
Operating Temperature: -10º to 80ºC
Max Pressure: 20 bar
Class Protection: IP65
  • High level alarm
  • Low level alarm
  • Pump protection
  • Leak detection
  • Overflow alarm
  • Supply line control
  • Fill/Drain control
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • On/Off valve monitoring

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