The SC750, SC200, SC600 and SC400 Capacitive Level Switches are designed to detect and control the level of conductive and non-conductive liquids, solids, pasty mediums and corrosive liquids among others.

The SC750 and SC200 are usually applied in applications with ambient pressure and temperature ranges.  They work well for liquids or solids with a low or high dielectric and are also ideally applied in corrosive mediums as they can be configured entirely in plastic.

The SC600 is an ultra-compact 316SS capacitive level switch with no housing, yet it comes with a built-in SPST relay mounted within the small body of the unit.

The SC400 with LV400 relay controller features a more robust wetted part that is well suited for high pressure and high temperature application requirements.

Capacitive Point Level Detection

Application: Level Detection for Solids and liquids
Operating Voltage: AC: 110/220V, 85...230V / DC: 24Vdc
Output: Relé: SPDT ou NA+NF (5A 250Vac) / PNP (3 fios)
Consumption: Max 4 VA
Level Indication: LED ON/OFF
Adjustment: Sensibility and Time Delay
Electrical Connections: Cable Gland / M12 connector
Processo Connections: BSP / NPT , Flanged or Sanitary connections
Wetted Parts: Sensor for SC700DC: Polyacethal Delrin - standard (PTFE or PVC optional) / Sensor for SC750DC: PTFE - standard / SC400 316SS
Housing (Probe): Nylon (N1,N2), Aluminum
Enclosure (Relay LV): ABS ( Resistant thermoplastic)
Process Pressure: 290 PSI (20 Bar)
Operating Temperature: Sonda SC700 (-10 to 80ºC) Sonda SC400 (-10 to 120ºC) / Relay LV (-10 to 60°C)
Class Protection: Probe IP65 / Relay IP40

Documentation for download

  • High level alarm
  • Low level alarm
  • Pump protection
  • Leak detection
  • Overflow alarm
  • Supply line control
  • Fill/Drain control
  • Lubricant monitoring
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • On/Off valve monitoring
  • Oil level detection

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