The CF12 Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch with a small aluminum housing (G1) is available in two versions: CF12DC (+/-24Vdc) or CF12AC (85 to 264Vac).    Both of these models offer reliable liquid and gas flow detection ideally suited for just about any Flow/ No Flow application with a small robust aluminum housing.   The G1 Aluminum housing can also be ordered with an acrylic window for active viewing of flow status without having to remove the housing cover.

Like all of Sitron’s products, the CF12 can be configured to accommodate our customer’s unique process control requirements.  All models can be ordered with a great variety of threaded, flange, or sanitary process connections as well as Halar or epoxy coating for aggressive mediums.  The CF12 with small aluminum housing is also offered with extended necks for higher temperature applications up to 120 ºC.  And while the CF12 is designed to monitor flow status of liquids and gases, with its no moving parts technology it can also be an ideal solution for liquid level detection.

Application: Flow for liquids and gas level for liquids only
Operating Voltage: CF12 AC: 85-240Vac (50/60hz) and CF12 DC: 24Vdc (+/-10%)
Current Consumption: +/- 100mA
Output: Relay (SPDT) 5A - 250Vac (1x SPDT)
Set Point Range: Liquid: 3 cm/s to 3 m/s - Gas: 5 cm/s to 5 m/s
Accuracy: +/- 10%
Repeatability: +/- 1% setpoint
Response Time: 1 to 10s
Gradient Temperature: 15ºC/min
Flow Rate Indication: Red led - Flow is below setpoint / Yellow led - Flow is at setpoint / Green led - Flow is above setpoin
Enclosure Material: Aluminum painted
Electrical Connection: Cable gland w/ 2000mm cable, M12 connector or ½” NPT
Process Connection: BSP or NPT, adjustable, sanitary or flanged connections
Wetted Material: 316 Stainless Steel or Halar Coating for agressive media
Operating Temperature: 14 to 176º F (-10 to 80ºC) or extended neck to 248ºF (120ºC)
Max Pressure: 100 Bar (others upon request)
Class Protection: IP 66 (IEC 60529)

Documentation for download

  • Pump protection
  • High flow alarm
  • Low flow alarm
  • HVAC monitoring
  • Leak detection
  • Supply line control
  • Fill/Drain control
  • Lubricant monitoring
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • Heat exchanger control
  • On/Off valve monitoring
  • Oil flow detection
  • Air flow monitoring

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