The SC750U features a Universal Power Supply with a large aluminum housing (G2) as well as an integrated sensibility adjustment and time delay up to 20 seconds.  This unit is an ideal solution for point level detection of a wide variety of liquid and solid mediums.  Standard configuration features a PTFE sensing tip and 316SS threaded, flanged or sanitary process connection.  For top mounted applications, the SC750U can also be ordered with extended 316SS rod length up to 3 meters.

SC750U – Universal Supply, G2 Aluminum Housing

Applicação: Level switch for liquids solids and granular
Operating Voltage: 24 Vdc / 85...230 Vac
Consumption: 4 VA
Output: Relay (NO + NC) 5A max (250Vac)
Adjustment: Potentiometer - Switch Point
Time Delay: Potentiometer 1 to 20 seconds
Frequency oscilation: 5Mhz
Level indication: Led status on/off
Electrical Connection: Cable gland - ½”NPT cond. entry or M12 connector
Process Connection: 3/4” to 1 1/2” BSP or NPT Flange or Sanitary connections
Wetted Material: Sensor for SC700U: Polyacethal Delrin - standard (PTFE or PVC optional) / Sensor for SC750U: PTFE standard
Enclosure Material: Aluminium
Max Pressure: 145 PSI (10 Bar)
Operating Temperature: 14 to 176º F (-10 to 80ºC)
Class Protection: IP65 (IEC 60529)
  • High level alarm
  • Low level alarm
  • Pump protection
  • Leak detection
  • Overflow alarm
  • Supply line control
  • Fill/Drain control
  • Lubricant monitoring
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • On/Off valve monitoring
  • Oil level detection

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